Costume Designers Guild Awards 2011

I don’t know what to think about Claire Danes’s dress. It may have looked really nice in person with all those metallic embellishments, but in pictures it doesn’t look all that good. I’m glad she used a belt to mark her waist. I would have liked her hairstyle to have more volume on top, but her natural looking makeup is perfect.

I really liked Halle Berry’s dress. This is the kind of dress which looks good on everybody because of the v-neck and the marked waits. I also love the colour. She has been criticised about her dress being too sheer, although you can’t really see well from this picture (here’s a more relevant picture of the offence), so maybe she would have looked more ladylike had she added another layer to the skirt.

Kristin Davis’s dress was so cool. I really liked it. I think this is the kind of dress I could really hate if worn by the wrong person.

I was not crazy about Demi Moore’s dress at the Designers Guild Awards. I think it sits weirdly. She doesn’t usually wear colours, usually sticks to black, so good for her for trying something different from what she usually wears, but she looks odd – kind of deformed.

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