dresses at the oscars – academy awards 2011

Jennifer Lawrence played it safe with a simple, red dress. She does look hot, but I don’t think it’s an Oscar-worthy look. It seems too “casual”. I think if she had done something else to her hair I would have liked it better. I also don’t think her breasts had enough “support”.

Hailee Steinfeld’s dress is really cute, but I think I would have liked sandals with this look and I’m also not sure I’m “digging” the hair piece.

Mila Kunis’s dress was cute and delicate and the colour really suits her. I like her makeup.

Yuck! I really don’t like Anne Hathaways dress. Nor the makeup. I think I’ve said it before: I don’t really like boldly coloured lips.

Amy Adams’s dress is pretty okay. I don’t think she needed the necklace and she could have probably done something better with her hair. Not too impressed. She’s done way better on other occasions (the BAFTA’s look was so great *dreamy*).

Michelle Williams’s look brings nothing new. She has been wearing these light coloured dresses for some time now.

Florence Welch’s dress has nothing spectacular about it. Like Michelle Williams, she has been wearing a lot of dresses of this same style.

~to be continued~

Source of the photos: http://oscars.movies.yahoo.com


Costume Designers Guild Awards 2011

I don’t know what to think about Claire Danes’s dress. It may have looked really nice in person with all those metallic embellishments, but in pictures it doesn’t look all that good. I’m glad she used a belt to mark her waist. I would have liked her hairstyle to have more volume on top, but her natural looking makeup is perfect.

I really liked Halle Berry’s dress. This is the kind of dress which looks good on everybody because of the v-neck and the marked waits. I also love the colour. She has been criticised about her dress being too sheer, although you can’t really see well from this picture (here’s a more relevant picture of the offence), so maybe she would have looked more ladylike had she added another layer to the skirt.

Kristin Davis’s dress was so cool. I really liked it. I think this is the kind of dress I could really hate if worn by the wrong person.

I was not crazy about Demi Moore’s dress at the Designers Guild Awards. I think it sits weirdly. She doesn’t usually wear colours, usually sticks to black, so good for her for trying something different from what she usually wears, but she looks odd – kind of deformed.

Sources of the photos: http://www.huffingtonpost.com & popsugar.com

forever 21

I was reading about this 15-year-old model, Hailey Clauson, who was on the runway at the New York Fashion Week. It seems it’s illegal for a somebody under 16 to be part of such fashion shows, but what struck me is that she doesn’t really look her age. I would have said she’s over 20. These girls look so mature. I often look on the Hel Looks blog and I couldn’t have told the age of most people if it hadn’t been written there. What I find even more surprising is that they look like they’re in their 20’s from the age of 15 until they’re 35. Is it their genes? Is it the food they eat? How do they do it? 😀

Source of the photo: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

witchlike nails

freaky nails

I really can’t understand how people can stand really long nails.
Apart from the fact that they’re kind of kitschy, I find them impractical.
I hate those that are squared and also those that are rounded, but I absolutely loathe the kind that Rihanna sports in this picture.

Seriously, those are HORRIBLE! Yuck!

Image source: http://fashionbombdaily.com

brit awards 2011

The Brit Awards were pretty disappointing style-wise.

Cheryl Cole’s wore a sequined black dress. Her gold clutch is cute, the make up – simple, but nice, the hair – could’ve been better. All in all, a clean, elegant look.

Rihanna knows how to create drama, but I’m not crazy about her dress here. I do admire her for trying to bring something new. I don’t like the fact that her heels match the tulle part of her dress. I saw a picture of the dress on the runway and the model was wearing orange sandals. It looked so much better. It’s probably the light in the picture, but this dress, which was part of a collection inspired by flowers, looks a bit… withered. I think I would’ve liked it better had the dress been puffier. 😀

Adele looks elegant, wearing this simple black dress, but I think she could have done a bit better. She looks a bit frumpy. A v-neck and a belt to create a waist would have done wonders for her figure. She should also work on her pose. Her legs look awkward in that position. But she does look good and I really like the make up.

Avril Lavigne is a mess here. She’s not a teenager anymore, hasn’t she learned by now? It’s time for her to grow up. I especially hate the hair.

Sophie Ellis Bextor’s dress is very “60’s”. She looks pretty good.

I’m not a fan of jumpsuits, but I do like Heidi’s heels. 🙂

Ellie Goulding’s dress looks like a night gown. There’s nothing I like about this look.

I really like Corinne Bailey Rae, she seems so delicate, but her puffball dress is oh so wrong. 😦 I don’t like her black sandals, I don’t like her orange clutch – they look cheap. So does the dress. The colour looks good on her, though.

I do like Paloma Faith’s look here, girl’s got the right attitude for it, but I think her head bow is a tad too big. 😛

Source of the photos: marieclaire.co.uk

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