rihanna’s dress at the grammys

I didn’t like the dress she wore on the red carpet, but I really fell in love with the one she wore during her performance on stage. Yellow is one of my favourite colours and I really like that this is not your typical ball gown. This is dramatic, colourful, without being too “crazy”. Me likey. :X

Source of the photo: http://awards.music.yahoo.com/


grammy awards 2011

Nicky Minaj made, as usual, an over-the-top choice – there’s something very Flinstonesesque about this look.

Florence Welch’s dress makes me think of paper cuts art. I kind of like the concept, but I have something against transparent fabric. I know it’s very popular nowadays, but I can’t stand it.

Ciara wore a very dramatic dress and, boy, does this woman have a hell of a lot confidence. Good for her! 😀 Not many women could have worn this dress like her. Well, I guess it helps that she has that killer body for it. 😛 Looking at the way she’s posing in this picture, her dress reminds of Wonder Woman, while her fierce attitude is very CatWoman-like. Have no phear, Ciara is here! 😀

I don’t like this dress on Kim Kardashian. I feel like it does nothing for her. Where’s your waist, woman?! I do like her hair, though. And I think the colour of the dress suits her.

Selena Gomez’s dress is nothing special. It’s simple, sparkly. She played it quite safely.

I really like Natasha Bedingfield’s dress here. But the hair isn’t working for me. I’m not really a fan of this old Hollywood hairstyle.

Willow Smith was having a lot of fun on the red carpet. I may not like her dress choice, but I sure admire her for her confidence. 😀

Katy Perry wore a sequined top with angel wings and a matching skirt with a long, flowy train. I kind of like it. 😀

Jennifer Lopez was all sparkly. She’s got great legs, but I still had the feeling that her dress was a bit too short. Ah, I’m such a prude. 😛

Rihanna’s dress might look good if you look from far away. From very far away. I wonder – was she wearing any underwear? Hmmm… Like I’ve said with Florence Welch, I’m not a fan of transparent fabric.

There’s something that I don’t like about Keri Wilson’s dress here, but I can’t really put my finger on it.

I think I’ve seen Lea Michelle wearing a similar dress in the past. So this leaves me unimpressed. I don’t like the shade of her lipstick. I wish she stopped wearing these dark shades.
Source of the photos: billboard.com

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