dresses at the oscars – academy awards 2011

Jennifer Lawrence played it safe with a simple, red dress. She does look hot, but I don’t think it’s an Oscar-worthy look. It seems too “casual”. I think if she had done something else to her hair I would have liked it better. I also don’t think her breasts had enough “support”.

Hailee Steinfeld’s dress is really cute, but I think I would have liked sandals with this look and I’m also not sure I’m “digging” the hair piece.

Mila Kunis’s dress was cute and delicate and the colour really suits her. I like her makeup.

Yuck! I really don’t like Anne Hathaways dress. Nor the makeup. I think I’ve said it before: I don’t really like boldly coloured lips.

Amy Adams’s dress is pretty okay. I don’t think she needed the necklace and she could have probably done something better with her hair. Not too impressed. She’s done way better on other occasions (the BAFTA’s look was so great *dreamy*).

Michelle Williams’s look brings nothing new. She has been wearing these light coloured dresses for some time now.

Florence Welch’s dress has nothing spectacular about it. Like Michelle Williams, she has been wearing a lot of dresses of this same style.

~to be continued~

Source of the photos: http://oscars.movies.yahoo.com


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