dresses at the oscars (IV)

These are the rest of the dresses from the oscars.

I liked Celine Dion’s dress. Simple, yet elegant.We don’t usually see dresses with long sleeves on the red carpet.

I’m not really impressed by Marisa Tomei’s dress, maybe because it is kind of ill-fitted, although the colour does suit her.

Mandy Moore’s dress is okay, but her face looks odd. I think it’s because her makeup doesn’t go well with the colour of the dress.

Camila Alves, Mathew McConaughey’s girlfriend, looked breathtaking in her black gown. I like what she did with her hair and her jewelry really enhance the look.

Source of the photos: http://oscars.movies.yahoo.com


dresses at the oscars 2011 (III)

Scarlett Johanson usually looks great. I guess she wanted to try something different, but I think she failed with this look. The “just got out of bed” hair is not really appropriate at the Oscars and her dress looks like a self-made dress from some old curtains.

This dress is amazing and it looks great on Jennifer Hudson, although her breasts look a bit contrived. I think I would have liked some other colour for her. I feel this is too “in your face”.

Academy award winner for best supporting actress, Melissa Leo, looks.. hmm… I don’t like how she looks. This dress makes her broad-shouldered and I don’t think it had enough glamour for the Oscars.

Meh. I don’t like this dress on Helen Mirren. It’s cheap looking. Mostly because of the creases. Probably this photo isn’t doing her justice, because it all looks greyish – her hair, her face, the dress.

This dress Cate Blanchett is wearing is kind of interesting – it looks like a fighter’s breastplate, so it’s fierce, but it’s also very delicate, because it’s pale pink and those decorative elements. I also love the contrast with the yellow, but it does make her a bit broad-shouldered. I’ve seen another picture of her hwere the dress appeared to have more volume on the skirt to balance with the top part and she looked gorgeous.

Annete Bening’s dress is okay. It’s glamorous and event-appropriate and she looks great for her age.

It would have been funny if either Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman had decided to wear Hilary Swank’s feathery dress. I’m not too impressed by this look.

Noooooo! That is SO ugly!! 😦 Hello, Cruella de Vil! Sharon Stone’s wearing one of the most horrible, cheap looking dresses I have seen. And the hair and makeup?! She must be a time-traveller from the 90’s. It looks so matronly on her.

Source of the photos: http://oscars.movies.yahoo.com

dresses at the oscars 2011 (II)

Sandra Bullock looks gorgeous in this red dress. Thumbs up! 🙂

Penelope Cruz has just had a baby, but she looks great in this curve-hugging gown. And the colour looks so good on her. And the hair, and the makeup plus her earrings :X – I love everything about her look.

This is a pretty cool and appropriate look from Halle Berry. I don’t think I like those peep-toe shoes that are “peeping” from under the dress. Because they’re white.

The academy award winner for best actress, Natalie Portman, looked stunning. This colour looks great on her and it kind of hides her baby bump. My only complaint is that her toes look a bit weird.

Nicole Kidman… Ugh! Bad, bad, bad. Her face looks weird – she’s got that poker face Lady Gaga has been singing about and the dress isn’t doing her any favours. Had the dress been worn with a romantic loose curls hairstyle to contrast with the severity of the look, I think I might have liked it more.

Reese Witherspoon combined a black dress with emerald earrings – similar to Angelina Jolie did in 2009. I’m not sure about her hair.

Helena Bonham Carter is Helena Bonham Carter. She’s holding a fan-looking clutch in one hand and sunglasses in the other. Good for her for not caring about what anyone else thinks. 😀

I like Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress here. Simple, yet so elegant. I would have liked her hair to be a little wavier, though.

Source of the photos: http://oscars.movies.yahoo.com

dresses at the oscars – academy awards 2011

Jennifer Lawrence played it safe with a simple, red dress. She does look hot, but I don’t think it’s an Oscar-worthy look. It seems too “casual”. I think if she had done something else to her hair I would have liked it better. I also don’t think her breasts had enough “support”.

Hailee Steinfeld’s dress is really cute, but I think I would have liked sandals with this look and I’m also not sure I’m “digging” the hair piece.

Mila Kunis’s dress was cute and delicate and the colour really suits her. I like her makeup.

Yuck! I really don’t like Anne Hathaways dress. Nor the makeup. I think I’ve said it before: I don’t really like boldly coloured lips.

Amy Adams’s dress is pretty okay. I don’t think she needed the necklace and she could have probably done something better with her hair. Not too impressed. She’s done way better on other occasions (the BAFTA’s look was so great *dreamy*).

Michelle Williams’s look brings nothing new. She has been wearing these light coloured dresses for some time now.

Florence Welch’s dress has nothing spectacular about it. Like Michelle Williams, she has been wearing a lot of dresses of this same style.

~to be continued~

Source of the photos: http://oscars.movies.yahoo.com

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