witchlike nails

freaky nails

I really can’t understand how people can stand really long nails.
Apart from the fact that they’re kind of kitschy, I find them impractical.
I hate those that are squared and also those that are rounded, but I absolutely loathe the kind that Rihanna sports in this picture.

Seriously, those are HORRIBLE! Yuck!

Image source: http://fashionbombdaily.com


what not to wear

Here’s a link to a video from “What not wear” show on the TLC. This flight attendant looks worse than the girls from the Jersey Shore (I haven’t really watched JS, but I’ve seen pictures of Snooki & co.) and she’s the epitome of what we call in Romania a “pitipoanca”. It’s funny that after that transformation, she still kept her pout. 😀
Click here for the video.
Another one with a student at Law School. She says she has no idea why she was nominated for the show:
Click here for the video

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